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Environment and Natural Resources in the Republic of Armenia for 2018

The handbook is addressed to wide range of users presenting time series of summary data characterizing the environment, natural resources of the republic and their use and quantitative brief analysis.


Water Resources Management in Armenia

The objective of the booklet “Water Resources Management in Armenia” is to present major reforms of the recent 5 years in the water resources management and protection in Armenia, as well as the work of the Water Resources Management Agency of the Staff of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection.



This is a  booklet on Araks river and its management, developed by the Republic of Armenia and the European Commission.

5rd hashvetvutyun

Water accounts

The purpose of environmental satellite accounts (in particular water accounts) is to assess the impact of the country’s social – economic activities on the environment and the state of natural resource use within the national accounts system.

Water accounts are developed to provide the users with up-to-date, complete, comparable and accessible information on water resource availability, efficient management, consumption and renewable volumes in the reporting year.

The water accounts are available through the following link.