Water Legislation

Water is a unique, foremost, and vital natural resource which is essential for the existence of humans, biodiversity, and is indispensable for the development of the economy of the country.

Water has economic, social and environmental value. Water resources available on the territory of the Republic of Armenia are considered to be state property, and disposal, management and use of these resources is implemented according to the procedure defined by the legislation of the RA (Reference: Water resources management in Armenia.

Overall, national legislations for managing the water resources in Armenia aim to ensure  Integrated Water Resources Management, as only through this is possible to ensure efficient use of water resources in regard to both environmental and economic aspects.

There are two types of national normative instruments available for ensuring the integrated water resources management in Armenia; national legislations and governmental resolutions.

The List of the main legislative acts that can be downloaded here.
The draft legislative documents currently being circulated for further adoption are available at: https://www.e-draft.am

By having the association agreement with the European Union, Armenia is making substantial efforts in approximating its water normative instruments towards the EU Water Framework Directive principles and in adopting the EU WFD methodologies.

Armenia is also signatory part to a number of international conventions or protocols in the area of water.