Water Use Permits

Water use permits is one of the measures implemented in Armenia to ensure sustainable water resources management as well as to guarantee access to water when is needed. The Ministry of Environment issues water use permits, which enables to define maximum permissible water intake and discharge and ensure water resources efficient management and protection in Armenia.

Obtaining the permit for using the water from all resources e.g. surface and groundwater resources, you need to apply to the Ministry of Environment with certain documents illsutrating your need to access to water for abstraction.

Please follow the below chart of workflow when you prepare the application for abstracting the water for your own use.

The application template for issuance of Water use permits by the Ministry of Environment and the list of documents required for water use permitting application can be downloaded below.

For your further question or clarification, please call this number: _________. Or send e-mail to the Ministry on your inquiry via: ________.

Application template

List of documents

The scheme of decision-making process for issuing water use permits by the Ministry of Environment can be downloaded below