Annual Yearbook on the State of the Environment of the Republic of Armenia (in Armenian)

The yearbook presents information on climate, weather phenomena, atmospheric air quality, atmospheric precipitation quality and quantity, surface and underground water quality and quantity, forest monitoring, soil studies of areas adjacent to landfills, as well as atmospheric emissions, water intake, water use, and waste.

The Socio-Economic Situation of the Republic of Armenia in January-December 2022

The publication is aimed at presenting to a wide range of consumers the summary data trends and quantitative analyzes characterizing the environment, natural resources and their use of the republic.

Water Accounts (in Armenian)

The purpose of environmental satellite accounts (especially water accounts) is to assess the impact of the socio-economic activities of the country on the environment and the state of use of natural resources within the framework of the national accounts system. Water accounts are intended to provide the user with up-to-date, complete, comparable and affordable information on the availability, effective management, consumption and renewable volumes of water resources in the reporting year.